My Version of Valentine’s Day

The Staff of Make it Missoula asked our Bloggers to chime-in for Valentine’s Day. We hope you’ll find of each of them inspiring in their own unique way. Be sure to check out our Valentine’s Day Contest. In 25 words or less, tell us of your most memorable Missoula Valentine and you’ll be entered into a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to The Red Bird Restaurant.


What did I know about love and Valentine’s Day at age 25 in Missoula, Montana? I knew that someday I wanted marriage and children, but to be honest, I really thought about those  as “grown-up” commitments and I didn’t see myself going down the wedding path for quite some time. Long term I didn’t even see myself residing in Missoula.  I liked my freedom and independence, and was rarely seen without my handful of favorite girlfriends around town.

I dated guys off and on but would much prefer time with my close friends to any long term or complicated relationship.   After all, I had a couple of “relationship” girlfriends and there was enough of those conversations to make anyone feel freaked out.

Then BAM… out of nowhere I met “The One” <sigh>.  Within months, I knew this was going somewhere.  It could have been the many frogs that I kissed along the way or because this one was about the absolute opposite of anyone that I had ever dated before.

I have NEVER and I mean never been someone who bought into the love at first site and “you will just know.”   And even with him it was not that way, it took time to see that I was willing to change my entire life to create our life.

Our life together now consists of constant kid chaos, sleepless nights (getting better though!) and incredibly rewarding moments that make it all worthwhile. We have exhaustingly long days at our office running our various businesses.

But in between, we somehow manage to fit in rare but necessary “us” time, whether it’s a quick 5 minute conversation reminiscing about our less frazzled lives or just talking (dreaming) about how to fit in a family vacation to Hawaii.

I remember two years ago on Valentine’s Day being overwhelmed with love for my husband, son and soon to be son or daughter (I was very pregnant, due in March) and worrying to myself,  how could I possibly have enough room in my heart to love another child as much as I love our first, Evan?  It was a serious concern I had!  But you end up loving the next one as much as the first. I can’t imagine life without our Oliver.  It all fits.

Valentine’s Day at our house is just another day of chaos and laughter, discipline and tears, diapers… cleaning… teaching… loving… and everything else that makes up our family life. I call it comfortable and predictable.

That doesn’t mean that we will not nurture and celebrate this day; if you look at our dining room right now you would see glittery hearts hanging from the ceiling and our kids “happy hearts” plastered to the walls.    One might actually think that we are “that family” that goes over the top and obsesses over every type of holiday (my husband might agree with you).

I think I know a whole lot more about love than I did at 25 and I’m thankful for the many memories my husband and I experienced together over the years.  But at this point in our Valentine’s Day life, it is more about getting the shoe box decorated in time for my son’s party at preschool and which tasty treat I’m going to enjoy at opening day of the Dairy Queen on Higgins.

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Krista Redpath Pyron played basketball for the Lady Griz from 1995-2000 and went on to play professional basketball for Virum in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Krista is self-employed and resides in beautiful Missoula with her husband Dave and their two young boys, Evan & Oliver.  She looks forward to writing frequently about her extended family–The Lady Griz.